Industry Problems

Cost Effective Products…… Maximum Daily Weight Gain

Rancher’s and feedlot operators are constantly seeking alternative ways to provide their livestock with a highly fortified substitute to grain rations that is rich in vitamins and minerals.  This substitute is crucial in assisting the growth of strong, healthy cattle.

Current feedlot products often lack sufficient nutritional content and can also damage the cattle’s teeth due to their hard consistency, which hinders the cattle’s growth and decreases their value.  Additionally, dried distillers grains tend to have a substantial loss of product due to wind blowing the grain away.  There is also the problem of significant loss of wet distillers grains due to the feed being absorbed or spread over the ground after it is dispersed to the animals.

The longer it takes the cattle to reach their target weight, the greater financial burden on those tending and caring for the livestock, thus minimizing their Return-On-Investment and potentially the quality of beef produced.